Everything you touch unless it’s some flotsam or jetsam washing up on the shore has been designed. Toaster, kettle, posters on the Underground, the wrapper on your favourite sandwich – every product in the world of human endeavour has been through this process and intention is what makes things happen. Randomness and chaos produce natural weathering but we can’t rely on entropy progression to typeset a book. And it’s definitely not a job for amateurs or dabblers.

That’s why we put our projects in the hands of Design 23 – a small consultancy based in Farringdon. These guys have produced beautiful work for so many companies over so many years.

It takes a little time, this part, with Ron and Simon poring over our project. And it’s not just the typesetting and imagery on the cover; every line on every page is an image. Widows and Orphans? Do our best to help them out. And when the maestri have done their stuff we get back to checking. The print, typos are a menace, hiding in the cracks between the covers.

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