For the all-important job of printing, we turn to Clays. Part of the St. Ives Group, they produce around 50% of the paperbacks printed in the UK and work for established giants like Penguin, Orion and Little Brown. Now the digital print revolution means they work with smaller companies like us too.

If you’re exceptionally lucky your first call to Clays is picked up by Rebecca Souster. Rebecca comes to publishing by way of Fine Art and an MA from UCL. Now she’s looking after small publishers and she brings an infectious enthusiasm to every project.

We’re new to the business and need a lot of advice; Rebecca has it all at her fingertips. A few short days, the account is set up and we’re in production. I know it’s all going to be okay because Rebecca makes personal trips to oversee the first print run.

Quality, that’s going to be the big thing. Hot off the press and the paperbacks she shows me are perfect. Fulfils everything we imagined, everything our designers set out in the design. And more, because the whole process has been so easy and such a pleasure. Even the Clays delivery guy does more than expected, carrying the entirety of our first print run up 4 flights of stairs to our store room.

For more information, please visit the Clays website: This isn’t a sponsored link, it’s here because we think they’re the best.